Company culture

Company culture

Our visionthe world is willing to travel more secure

Our missionto provide people with safe and comfortable car electronics products

Our core values innovation, professional, sophisticated, honesty.

Innovation: In industry, innovation means product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, cultural innovation, management innovation. New products continue to baked, the continuous expansion of the market, the introduction of new technology, the penetration of corporate culture, management of new thinking of the continuous practice, making us in the past eight years, sail sail, in the industry to form a good reputation, Trustworthy brand.

Professional: We are "car reversing radar professional supplier", from product R & D design, product process production, product sales to all reflect the professional focus. Because of the "professional", we chose the customers and suppliers, the same, they also chose us.

Sophisticated: that is, the improvement of excellence, the company has today's achievements, and the efforts of various departments are closely related to the staff in the positions are not familiar with the proficient, step by step, and gradually grow into the company can rely on the cornerstone.

Integrity: integrity is the soul of the enterprise. As the company's employees, most of the professionalism, everything to be better; as a colleague, Yichengxiangdai; We and the manufacturers abide by long-term commitment to cooperation with customers to establish long-term supply relationship between the genuine, sincere hospitality.

Our product concept:

First-class products, first-class quality

Good product is done, not detected out;

Have the quality, only the future;

The company name "Expo" meaning:
Hu Xueyan 's famous saying: "If you have a rural look, you can do a rural business, if you have a county' s eyes, you can do a county business, if you have the world 's eyes, you can do the world business.

CISBO —— the world's vision, broad mind.

Purpose: we have to be based in Shenzhen, backed by the motherland, the global awareness of the global thinking to guide the overall situation. There must be a strategically advantageous mind, a list of small mountain vision, such as the sea-like broad mind. Do business, a brand, Lan talent, wealth together. For the community to contribute to the company for the benefit, bigger and stronger, striving for world-class companies.